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How To Get Started

Although Codynamics is fundamentally natural and feels great once you get into it, lots of people are going to want to stick their toe in the water before they jump in. The organizations best suited are those whose leaders have intuitively moved in that direction already with active teams, decentralized control and high flexibility. In fact a number of leaders have said, upon learning about Codynamics or Complexity, "This is what we were trying to do. We just did not have a framework for describing it or understanding it. Now we can do it better."

If your organization has not moved in this direction, then it is essential for the CEO to become enough of a believer to support the effort. If you’re the CEO, great. If not, you’re going to have to persuade him or her to give it a try. Maybe something like, "You know, we keep trying the same old methods and we’re just not making the progress we need. Maybe it’s time to look at something really different. Here’s something new and exciting that’s working well for others…"

The processes involved vary with the organization, based on its history and corporate culture. But in general, the start-up steps go like this:

  • Make the decision to explore Codynamics.
  • Assemble a representative group of about a dozen leaders or a cross-section of motivated personnel and, with the assistance of a facilitator, explore all the things the organization is trying to achieve and the dreams and visions of participants.
  • Contrast that with the challenges the organization is facing now. Be really honest.
  • Identify key themes or critical issues which must be addressed. Explore each one in more depth. See if anyone feels strongly enough to want to work on a team focused on one of these issues or challenges.
  • Repeat this with other groups until everyone in the organization has had a chance to be personally involved (otherwise they won’t understand, and as Stephen Covey says, "No involvement, no commitment").
  • Boil the key issues or challenges down to one sheet of paper and pass out sign-up sheets asking each person to mark their first, second and third choices for participation.
  • Get 2-3 key leaders to place people on teams, distributing choices so as many as possible get their first choice, but ensuring a good diversity on all teams for which there is adequate interest. Identify the most capable person in each group to serve as facilitator.
  • Train the team facilitators in Codynamic facilitation, which is not unlike any good team facilitation, with some unique twists.
  • Train the leaders of the organization in Codynamic leadership, which is a whole lot different from regular leadership! (See "Learn More" below for special training programs.)
  • Set up a high level of communication such as an intranet, or check out www.intranets.com. All teams must take and share notes plus other key staff (agent) progress reports. Information has to flow like electricity.
  • Let ‘er rip. From then on action learning rules the day. Of course Codynamic leaders keep nurturing and nudging, but that’s another story.

Learn More About Codynamics Including Custom Programs

To learn more about Codynamics, the processes involved and how to become a Codynamic organization, contact Codynamics founder E.W. "Buck" Lawrimore at 704-332-4344 or email info@Codynamics.net.

We offer on-site facilitation to lead your people through the start-up of this process. We also offer periodic training programs for agents, facilitators and leaders through our Codynamic Institute. Programs can be provided in Charlotte (with people from other organizations), or if your group is large enough, at your location. Contact us to discuss a custom training program to meet your needs.

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