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Lawrimore Inc. has provided a variety of consulting, planning and organization development services to business, government and nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. Our principals have 35 years of professional experience. We are very excited about the power of Codynamics to truly transform organizations into fast-adapting, innovative, energetic powerhouses, places where people love to work. We would be delighted to help you. Of course you are going to want to learn more before you undertake any significant improvement, so we're available to help in person, by phone (704-525-4775) or email: info@codynamics.net.

Codynamics can begin with a few people but is most effective when it is organization-wide. But it is dramatically different from strategic planning and other top-down forms of control. In fact the reason those old methods don't work well is that they are top-down and try to control people. That just does not work, especially in these times of rapid change. If you've had any experience with strategic planning, you know that plans become outdated as soon as they are written and become increasingly irrelevant with the passage of time.

Codynamics is not a management technique like TQM, re-engineering or The Balanced Scorecard. It is not just something you do. It is something you become. For example being fully human is not something you do, it is something you become. Codynamic organizations are constantly becoming. They understand that the best way to adapt to change and not fall behind is to be constantly evolving. And they know that because they are not in control of their environments, they cannot precisely plan what they will do next. The cutting edge of change is right now, in the moment. Codynamic organizations adapt to today's headlines and the events that affect them. Their fluid structure and energized people allow them to do that. Planning is realistically focused on internal things that can be controlled, like building design and equipment purchases or what you're going to do in the next few days. Planning works great for dead things because they stand still. Planning works fine when the people doing the planning decide and commit to what they are going to do. Planning is a colossal failure when the people doing the planning decide what other people are going to do without bothering to get their commitment first! And therein lies the error of most strategic planning!

So think of Codynamics as the way to deal with people, relationships, information and constant change. Keep your traditional methods for accounting or other standard procedures, as often required of police, the courts system, and some government agencies (certainly not all!). You've got to be able to "make it up as you go along." For business, nonprofit, and those government agencies which do value innovation, Codynamics is dynamite.

The process which Lawrimore provides to help organizations with Codynamics is based in part on the latest practices which are being discovered and evolving as we speak. Companies as diverse as Monsanto, Citicorp, hospitals, ad agencies, software and technology firms, manufacturers and retailers are constantly becoming Codynamic or Complexity organizations, learning all the time. But Codynamics is unique in that it also incorporates the proven, practical "success secrets" of America's leading companies plus Lawrimore's 35 years of diverse professional experience.

Read our 7 Benefits of Codynamics and you'll get a feel for what an introduction or transformation involves. Then contact us to arrange a meeting or telephone conversation:
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