Links to Other Complexity and Related Websites

Complexity science is so new that there is not much about it even on the Internet. To help you learn more about this exciting new field of discovery and knowledge, we at Lawrimore Communications/Codynamics offer the following links to sites we have found helpful:

The Santa Fe Institute, where Complexity science is being developed

The Complexity and Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems -- Everything you ever wanted to know about Complexity, but were afraid to ask.

Complexity On-line  - collaborative project that aims to develop a comprehensive information service about complex systems, structures and processes that involve non-linearity.

Plexus Institute - an organization composed of many top leaders in the field of Complexity, with an emphasis on applications for health care. Their own version of Complexity is called "edgeware," available online and as a book. Lots of valuable information, national conferences and more.

The Institute for the Study of Coherence and Emergence

Emergence:  A Journal of Complexity Issues in Organizations and Management -- Several online articles from past issues are very good.

Global Complexity  - promotes a viewpoint of social, political, and economic events as uncertain evolving outcomes arising from complex interactions between numerous local groups.

How To Understand Ultimate Reality - An online book for deep thinkers interested in reality, God, order and other metaphysical subjects.

Systems Thinking - lots of user-friendly resources about systems thinking and how you can use it for your organization.


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