The 7 Major Benefits of Codynamics

1. People Are More Energized And Productive
In a Codynamic organization, every person functions as an agent: "one who acts, exerts power, and is responsible for the organization as a whole." Whatever you call your people, the very foundation of a Codynamic organization is relationships among agents. They communicate, influence each other and work more productively. The organization works bottom up, not top down. This is a profound change.

2. Diverse Teams Produce Innovations And Improvements
Diverse agents form flexible teams. Diversity in skills, personality, age, sex and cultural background increases energy and options for teams. They are better able to create new innovations and improvements working together. They identify new income streams and ways to save money. You will be amazed at what diverse teams can do when they work bottom up on things they care about, not under managementís thumb.

3. Everyone Is Informed And Makes Better Decisions
Increasing the flow of information is vital for any complex adaptive system. Did we say this was the Information Age? In effective Codynamic organization, information flows like electricity. Agents and teams share relevant information through a wide range of media Ė intranet, paper, meetings, informal conversations, bulletin boards, everything. Of course confidential stuff is password-protected. Because agents now have access to the kind of meaningful information that previously only managers knew, they are able to make better decisions and act in the best interests of the company.

4. The Organization Adapts Rapidly To The Changing Environment
In the Industrial Age, success was defined as a lofty vision or mission that sounded good but no one took very seriously. Success in Codynamic organizations is seen as fitting (adapting) to the changing environment. This is another huge change. It is highly realistic. People take it seriously. The environment includes customers, competitors, communities, and market forces such as technology, the economy and popular culture. Constantly scanning the environment (not once a year!) and seeking feedback from customers identifies emerging changes and trends. Autonomous agents form new teams to tackle new challenges as they arise. Fitting to the environment is more realistic, quicker and successful than striving for those lofty ideals.

5. Plans And Goals Are Realistic And More Often Achieved
Instead of detailed plans and the illusion of control which strategic planning is faulted for, Codynamic plans and goals emerge naturally as teams work together to decide what to do next. The focus is on action, being very realistic. Therefore plans are more often achieved, increasing satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Strategic thinking shifts from creating one illusory plan to developing multiple scenarios Ė best case, worst case, and in between Ė and thinking through what the organization might do in any case. What happens when something unexpected pops up? See point 4 above.

6. Leaders Are Less Stressed While Staff Develops More
One of the many nice things about Codynamics is that it frees leaders from the impossible trap of being the know-it-all, the only one who can make big decisions. In the fast-paced Information Age, no one, not even Bill Gates, can know it all. Instead, Codynamic leaders focus on creating conditions which favor self-organizing. Thatís what gives agents and teams the freedom and resources to form new teams, turn on a dime, and respond to change. Smart leaders share information and promote learning. They donít give up all control. They set boundaries (guidelines, purposes, definitions) and a few simple rules for agents and teams. But they do not tell people in teams what to do. They donít try to play God. As a result, leaders are less stressed, while everyone else learns more and grows in capabilities.

7. Income, Productivity And Resilience Increase
The benefits all come together in a Codynamic system. Everyone works constantly and productively to improve the organization. Customer needs are met faster and more effectively, which leads in turn to more income and profits. New markets, products and services emerge naturally. Greater adaptability means more resilience and power for dealing with downturns, from a major lost customer to something like the last(ing) recession.

An Added Benefit: Caring For People
Codynamic organizations care about their people. This is an outgrowth of respecting them as agents, supporting their development and growth, and realizing "weíre all in this together" Ė one united system, working side by side for shared benefit. As we said in point 1, the "magic" happens in the relationships between agents. Bottom up, not top down.

A Natural Process Unleashing Full Potential
These scientific discoveries reveal natural ways of learning and adapting that allow greater organizational success. People are not learning new constraints Ė they are unlearning old constraints. They are unlearning Industrial Age mind-blocks and discovering that they really are pretty capable after all. Just let them go! They feel energized, free to reach their natural potentials as fully functioning, amazing human beings. As one of our Codynamic clients said:

"I think it changes the whole mindset of the company. It energizes the creative and thought processes in all departments. It gets people thinking in a way they have not thought before. It tears down the old departments and divisions and gets people to think of the company as one. It makes it exciting to work. Iíve been here for 17 years. In terms of exciting everybody, this is the first time itís happened."

The Only Way To Escape Management Fads
Codynamics is intentionally anti-fad. We are not falling for "the answer" like Total Quality Management or Re-engineering. As "the answer" changes every day, we are going to change with it. We are not going to repeat the mistake of trying to drive changes top-down. It doesnít work. Bottom-up changes do, especially when people (agents) have the information they need to make good decisions and the feedback they need for instant course correction.

Every day you adapt. Every day you eat, every day you sleep, every day you work, every day you change. By staying in synch with your environment, change will never again be traumatic or a shock to your system.

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Copyright 2004, E.W. "Buck" Lawrimore, Lawrimore Communications Inc., Charlotte, NC USA